Cranbury Christmas Lights New Jerseys Best Christmas Display for Charity

Let this Christmas Display bring
Joy to you and
help so many
who are in need. 
Special Announcement  
 We are so thankful for all the people who came out to see our Christmas Display during December!  We pray our display adds joy and peace to those who come. We are grateful for every donation that is given. This year despite our parking issue and the limited amount of days we collected $6140.11!!!!! (Last year was $6870.56 with 12 more days) This amount of money will help so many people, we are honored to have been able to put our display up again this year and look forward to next year. I also want to thank the guys who came out to help me with the heavy items on New Years Day. Despite a disaster with our Mega Tree lights getting all tangled up (30,000 that took over 7 hour to undo, thanks Brian for helping in the afternoon!!) I was still able to get it done in a day and half finishing before the snow storm!! Thank you again to most of my neighbors and Cranbury for all the support, and to those who gave what you could. We have all made a difference that in this life we will not know. 
128 North Main Street Cranbury NJ  08512
Together you can help make a difference in so many others lives.  Enjoy a great night of Christmas Cheer while at the same time helping so many in need at New Jersey's Best Christmas Display for Charity.
Come and see the 100,000 lights Dance to music! 
Our Christmas Display will light up from 6:00pm and will turn off at 9:00pm.   (SEE SCHEDULE BELOW FOR NIGHTS WHEN THE LIGHTS DANCE TO THE MUSIC)
Along with our over 100,000 Lights, on the following nights you can watch them as they are choreographed to over 15 songs!!   
Our lights will also dance with the music on the following nights throughout December.
December, 7th, 8th, 12, 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st.
PLEASE NOTE, All lights will be on from November 29th and will be on the nights not listed above however if the date is not listed above there will be NO MUSIC these nights.
It is free to come and see our house, the most important part of this display is that it brings joy to you.  For those who are able, remember we put up this display for Charity.  We ask that you think about this night watching our display as a night out at the movies and what it would cost for your family when you are thinking about how much to donate.  We spend countless hours throughout the year to make this display possible so that it will help so many in need.  100% of all donations go to the Local Food Bank and 100% of all donation we provide to them go directly to those in need!  Please give generously. 
There is PLENTY OF PARKING.  There will be no parking allowed in front of our house.  Parking will be allowed just south of our house (look for the 25 mile an hour sign just below our house) and also on the left side of Barclay street (across from our house.)  There is also A LOT of parking just one block north of our house on Goodwin Road (this is a one minute walk to our house).  Handicap and 4 wheel drive will be able to park in our back and side yard.  We recommend car pooling with your friends and make it a fun night out!  Be sure to visit the many great restaurants in our town!  
Important information
Dress WARM ALL nights when the lights are dancing with the music you will need to stand on our lawn. 
Due to zoning issues we can only have the lights and music together on 20 nights this year.  That is 12 less than last year so we really need your help to make this Christmas Display bring the much needed help to those who need it.  Let this Christmas Display bring Joy to you and help so many who are in need. 
Would you like to see our videos, please visit our YouTube Page.

Thank you from the Shaw Family!