Cranbury Christmas Lights New Jerseys Best Christmas Display for Charity

Let this Christmas Display bring
Joy to you and
help so many
who are in need. 
Special Announcement  

Our Video from the hexacopter! This is UNBELEIVEABLE
The guys from Osprey Perspectives did a GREAT Video!!!!

We have been interviewed a lot lately, the common question is why do we spend so much time to put up such a large Christmas Display.  There are several reasons.  As a hard working middle class family (Keith is in the Wine business and Marina is a High School Teacher) we believe it is so important to give back to our community.  As much of a struggle it is for us we know there are so many people who are so much worse off.  We also feel it is very important to instill in our two boys (9 and 7) the values of helping others who may need it. 

Another reason. We LOVE to see the joy this display brings to all who come.  When you see the kids dancing around, looking with amazement, wanting to ask so many questions not to mention the adults wondering can I do this!!

The donation aspect of the display  we ALWAYS say this FOR THOSE WHO ARE ABLE we know everyone who comes here is not financially able to give AND THAT IS OK!  We just want EVERYONE to walk away with joy in their hearts, a moment in the holiday season that your heart was brightened up! 

FOR THOSE WHO ARE ABLE, PLEASE . think about this display as a night out to a Broadway show or a movie.  What goes into making this display possible you just cannot imagine.  PLEASE help us to help others, PLEASE consider a donation of $20.00 or more.  When I tell you the countless hours my family puts into this display and when we pull the $20, $50 and yes even $100’s it makes up so happy to know that so many people will have food on another day that they normally wouldn’t.  Remember 100% of all the donations go directly to the food bank and 100% of that donation goes out to people who need it.  The food bank is 100% volunteers with no overhead!! 

 That takes me back to the movie aspect of it, what would you spend on a night to see a Hollywood Film?  This may not be Holleywood but we think it is pretty close!!!!

Newest Addition  
Come and see the Largest Christmas Tree in New Jersey!!  We will be adding 16,000 lights to our NEW 36 FOOT mega tree!  This puts our Mega Tree at 46,000 lights which is MORE THAN THE ROCKEFELLER CENTER tree in New York City!!!  The way these 16,000 aditional lights will be set up on the tree will be nothing less than SPECTACULAR, you will be AMAIZED, we are so excited to add this addition for you!!!
Our 120,000 plus lights will be on Solid starting on November 28th.  See the choreographed schedule below. 
This year we have added four NEW songs PLUS a bonus song that Alexander (who is 9) is programming all by himself!!  The lights this year will dance to the music to a total of 19 songs totaling 70 minutes!! 
For those who would like to make a genrious donation of $100.00 or more, we offer a "Back Stage VIP tour and Parking"  On the night of you AND your Family's visit to us you will park in our driveway, Keith will personally take you and your family on a tour of the lawn, explain how the display works and YOU WILL EVEN GET TO STAND INSIDE THE CENTER OF THE MEGA TREE SURRONEDED BY 46,000 lghts as they dance around you.  You will feel like you are in the middle of the stars!!  For those who can make it by 5:45 the night of your tour you will even TURN ON THE 120,000 LIGHTS!!  This package is NOTHING LESS THAN SPECTACULAR and the best part is that generious donation will help feed several families, it just doesnt get any better than this!  
We want to do something special for those who are giving at least a $20.00 donation.
If you make the donation of at least $20.00 on our website through paypal we will send you a VIP parking voucher and you can park in our driveway or our back yard. YOU MUST make this donation through the website and put in the MESSAGE section the approximate time you will be coming to the display. ALSO you must be able to back into or out of parking spots. The paypal link is at the bottom of the page. Donations received prior to 4:30 pm will get the voucher for the same night! Thank you so much for all those who do donate any amount!!

128 North Main Street Cranbury NJ  08512
Together you can help make a difference in so many others lives.  Enjoy a great night of Christmas Cheer while at the same time helping so many in need at New Jersey's Best Christmas Display for Charity.
Come and see the 120,000 lights Dance to 19 songs at New Jerseys NUMBER ONE Christmas Display for Charity!!
Our Christmas Display will light up from 6:00pm and will turn off at 9:00pm.  
Our lights will also dance with the music on the following nights throughout December.
December 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th, 30th and the last night 31st.
All lights will be on Solid from November 28th, if the date is not listed above there will be NO MUSIC these nights.
It is free to come and see our house, the most important part of this display is that it brings joy to you.  For those who are able, remember we put up this display for Charity.  We ask that you think about this night watching our display as a night out at the movies and what it would cost for your family when you are thinking about how much to donate.  We spend countless hours throughout the year to make this display possible so that it will help so many in need.  100% of all donations go to the Local Food Bank and 100% of all donation we provide to them go directly to those in need!  Please give generously. 
There is PLENTY OF PARKING.  There will be no parking allowed in front of our house.  Parking will be allowed just south of our house (look for the 25 mile an hour sign just below our house) and also on the left side of Barclay street (across from our house.)  There is also A LOT of parking just one block north of our house on Goodwin Road (this is a one minute walk to our house).  Handicap parking avialble in our driveway.  FOR VIP parking see VIP section above.  We recommend carpooling with your friends and make it a fun night out!  Be sure to visit the many great restaurants in our town!  
Important information
Dress WARM ALL nights when the lights are dancing with the music you will need to stand on our lawn. 
Let this Christmas Display bring Joy to you and help so many who are in need. 
Would you like to see our videos, please visit our YouTube Page.

Thank you from the Shaw Family!